A chip casino is a payment method commonly used in casinos for playing games of chance, such as poker, blackjack, roulette, etc. These chips are usually circular plates, sometimes rectangular, that replace cash at a gambling table in a casino, for security and place reasons (a single chip replaces large sums).

Casino chips have such advantages that their use has become systematic, and their production has become industrialized. Once reserved for enthusiasts, clubs, and casinos, they are now part of the current gamut of the game. In general, the different types of poker chips can be grouped into two primary groups: plastic chips and ceramic tiles.

Poker chips Ceramic, ABS and Plastic

If for you playing with excellent quality chips is not a priority and is content with light plastic poker chips, you can find them in many stores, or you can even use chips from other table games.

The biggest problem with plastic chips (apart from not being very glamorous) is that they are complicated to stack and count. On the other hand, if you play with money, you should ensure that none of the players bring their own chips to the tournament, as it is straightforward to drop a couple of extra chips in your pocket before leaving home.

Today you can find harder and heavier plastic chips (also called composite chips), which are chips usually manufactured in China using composite plastic resin and some carry a metal insert inside to increase their weight. Its Touch is made of plastic, and those that wear metal make a metallic sound instead of the typical sound of the quality ceramic tiles of the casinos, but still, it is more attractive to play with them than with light plastic (although they are also more expensive). They are also easier to stack than plastic ones, but they are not as good as ceramic ones.

Authentic casino chips are ceramic, although they can be better defined as molded chips. Modern ceramic tiles are a compound of materials more durable than ceramics. At least they contain a percentage of earth material such as sand, calcium carbonate, Crete and clay.

Measurements and design

Light plastic chips weigh between 2 and 4 grams each, and the standard colors are red, white and blue. They’re usually smaller than casino chips.

Compound and ceramic tiles usually weigh 9 to 13 grams each, but there is no official weight. However, some of those with the metal insert inside can weigh more. The chips used in casinos regularly weigh between 11 and 12 grams, but those sold for domestic use can vary their weight substantially, even reaching up to 13.5 grams depending on the manufacturer and the type of manufacture.

Usually, the heavier, more expensive and more desirable, as they provide a better tactile and acoustic experience when hitting each other. Composite tiles are available in one color (almost always with a printed design), in two colors and three colors, and usually the more expensive colors.

The graphics inserted in the ceramic tiles are called engravings. Engravings are usually made on paper and coated with a thin layer of plastic that is placed on top of the chip before the compression process. Through this process, the engraving is permanently fixed to the file and cannot be removed without destroying it.

Designs may also vary, but these three are the most common:

  1. Suited Chips (with the four sticks printed around)
  2. Diamond chips (with diamonds printed around)
  3. Dice chips (with the 6 faces of a die printed around)

The standard colors and the value of the chips

The standard colors of the chip games are red, white, blue and sometimes green and black. However, a wide range of colors has recently begun to appear, among the most common are pink, lilac, yellow, orange and grey.

There are no official rules for determining the color and denomination of poker chips. Each casino or private tournament can use its own colors. However, there are standard denominations that most people use.

These two lists show the standard values assigned to each tab according to color. The first list includes only the 5 most popular colors, and the second consists of a total of 13 colors.

Basic poker chip colors and values:

  • White Chip = $1
  • Yellow Chip = $2
  • Red Chip = $5
  • Blue Chip = $ 10
  • Gray Chip = $20
  • Green Chip = $ 25
  • Orange Chip = $ 50
  • Black Chip = $ 100
  • Pink Chip = $ 250
  • Purple Chip = $ 500
  • Bordeaux chip = $ 1000
  • Blue Chip Sky = $ 2000
  • Brown token = $ 5000

It is possible that the monetary value attributed to the chip colors varies in some casinos, but the above list reflects the practices common to most casinos, always check with each casino on the value of the chips before typing the all-in!