Award-winning journalist Chip Brown employs a variety of investigative tools in an effort to comprehend the allure as well as the mechanics of such unorthodox yet increasingly popular practices as energy healing and Therapeutic Touch, and the real meaning of such esoteric terms as the subtle body, psychic energy, auras, chakras, prana, and chi.

Brown treks through history to describe the evolution of the medical fringe from the mainstream; he makes pilgrimages to scientists and physicians who have risked career and reputation in their pursuit of the paranormal; he studies with healers and communes with their spirit guides; he goes head to head with students of enlightenment and foes of enlightenment life to thrash out such delicate matters as faith, the mind-body dialectic, and the power of prayer.

Brown witnesses healing sessions in which injuries incurred in past lives are healed, torn auras are sewn, and then, incredibly, submits to such treatment himself – an intrepid traveler sending wildly colorful dispatches back from the outer frontiers.