Throughout history, the human being has always been obsessed with gambling, either in the arena selecting the winner of a gladiator battle or betting on who will get the highest number after the dice are rolled. If we go back thousands of years in time, we see how the transformations that the history of the casino has undergone have shaped the kind of casinos that we know today and the preferences of blackjack and roulette that we play in our modern and online casinos. The casino industry went from underground rooms to the mainstream hobby. Online casinos are the main factor in popularizing casino games, making them easily accessible to everyone. Playamo online casino is one example, being one of the most popular gaming sites, offering every game imaginable and 24/7 customer support. Visit to find out how to download the Playamo app so you can play directly from your phone.

Casino chips

We talk about the chips, the colorful color discs that adorn the tables of our favorite casinos and that are the object of desire on the part of the most amateur players.

Chips are the” money ” of casinos, but until they have become an integral and indispensable part of the elements of a casino, it took some time. But what was the success of the chips as a form of payment in a casino? For several reasons, almost all of them eminently practical.

Chips are plastic pieces and other materials that are manufactured in series, in different colors or with markings of some kind to separate numerical values from the currency they represent. Since they are equal parts, casinos can use a variety of methods, such as a specific scale or counting machines, to calculate the value in chip volumes. Besides, they are much more resistant than the paper with which the banknotes are made, making them a great substitute.

There are different materials with which they can be manufactured, varying according to the quality of the material and the intended use:

  • Standard plastic: cheap but very low quality and low customization, designed for amateur players.
  • ABS and ABS-PP resin: more durable and reliable compounds, resistant to scratches and blows, used in many professional casinos.
  • ABS composite and ceramics: a mixture of greater strength and weight, pleasant to the touch and characteristic sound thanks to ceramics.
  • Pure ceramic: the highest quality, is used in the best casinos, sensitive to scratches and higher price.

Also, color codes allow counting to be much easier and therefore make the dealer’s work much easier, preventing frequent errors that could disturb customers.

Therefore, the chips have made life easier for the dealers and accountants of the casinos of the world, as well as getting the players to play more joyfully (since they do not have real money in front of them, they may psychologically feel more encouraged when gambling).

Chips are used by casinos for all their games: poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc. They sometimes make unique special chips for high stakes poker games so players can bet easily, but also for anti-counterfeiting measures against fake chips which can easily be included otherwise. You can find how to get free poker chips at together with other poker bonuses, so you can play poker for free and for real money at online casinos.


Although the casinos have been among us for several centuries, it was not until the 19th that they began to be minted to be used at the height of the poker game. Before that, any other small element was used, as we have all done at one time playing board games at home (legumes, stones, beads or beads), although in massive games it was bet on the big and used even precious metals or gems.

The clay has been one of the main ingredients of the “recipe” to manufacture casino chips to throughout history, but this is not a simple procedure nor a unique recipe, but different manufacturers vary the mixture of minerals or components to achieve the weight and consistency desired. By way of curiosity, you should know that the tiles are not “painted,” but that their great stretch on the edge is a marquetry job. So we can conclude that chips are not easy or cheap to manufacture.

In addition, different casinos have different chips, even though they belong to common business groups. It is also unusual for you to play in another casino, although there are a few exceptions. Also, they are part of the charm of the game, so we are not surprised that casinos insist on customizing them. But all this is not just a matter of aesthetics; it’s also a way to make sure that the chips that circulate are yours and not introduced from the outside.