Casino Chip History

Earlier, in the games of Ombre and Quadrille which are card games that are believed to be the predecessors of the modern casino the collectors used to keep score in the games. The collectors used counters called jetons, fiches and mils which used to be of different colors to determine their ownership. In the 19th century collectors started using small things like jagged gold pieces, gold dust, nuggets or ivory chips, bone chips, wooden chips or even chips made of paper or clay and shellac. Since the late 1930s, companies started making clay poker chips of different colors and designs.

Chips Used In Land-Based Casinos vs. Online Casinos

The movement of money is different in a brick and mortar casino and an online casino. In a Las Vegas casino, you come in with your money and convert them into casino chips to play games like online poker, blackjack, roulette, whereas in the online currency you pay your deposit through a credit card, cryptocurrency or other online payment options. It is easy to move your money in land-based casinos than online casinos as the online casinos know the challenge and hence keeps looking for new ways to convince you. Online casinos do convert your real money into chips but its all done virtually. Chips have always been preferred by casinos because collectors are more likely to gamble when they use chips instead of cash. Token coins which are made from metal are also used in games like video poker and slot games. As a matter of fact, Captain Jack casino will simplify this for you and reward you with the best free bonuses, read more about it at Inside you will find detailed instructions on using the free bonus deals and recommendations for casino games. So whether you choose to go to a worldwide best casino or legal casino sites, you’ll need chips. The online casinos of LasVegas give you a chance to win real money while playing games like blackjack, roulette, online poker, video poker, and other casino games

What Happens To Old Casino Chips?

Like everything else in life, casino chips have an expiration date. This date is decided by the casino owner and they declare the date prior to expiration, therefore if you have any casino chips in hand you may go and encash them in time. This measure is taken to stop counterfeiting and forging of chips. In case you fail to cash them in, collectors can keep them as collectibles since their values usually soar. Expiry of chips has also been enforced as a law in 1980 so that it cant be used as a currency. After the expiration of chips, the casinos dispose of the old chips to make new setoff chips. Firstly, the casino submits a plan which includes the details of breaking down of new chips and disposing of the old chips to the Gaming Control Board. then the chips are sent back to the manufacturers who ground them into dust and manufacture new chips.

Casino chips are the safest way to involve your money into any casino. Not only the casinos but also the government ensures its safety. Fascinating, isn’t it?

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